Dos & Don’ts with Online marketing:

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Online marketing dos and donts



  • Keep your website upright and easy.
  • Be focused on your business objective.
  • Promote your website in each and every way.
  • Start blogging to promote your services and website.
  • Your message must be focused and related to the topic.
  • Learn to accept criticism and work on it to get rid of those errors.
  • Do have intention of long term relationship with your readers.




  • Do not overload your website with excess design, shades & decorations try to keep simple and easy.
  • Do not violate the rules and regulations of the search engines, because they can block you.
  • Do not advertise your website before it is completely ready for traffic.
  • Does not use wrong or spam tactics in your online advertisement as this can lead to unwanted circumstances for your marketing strategy like black hat seo.
  • Never make your marketing email or newsletter lengthy as people do not have patience to read long mails.
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