Logo Design

Logo is one of the basic element of a corporate identity. They represent a company.Logo symbolizes a company name and considered a unique identity of an organisation, It represents a company from the forefront They trigger people’s memories of previous experiences with the company, leaving a greater impact than words can alone do. Logo promises and communicates and the relationship a company can develop between its brand and its customers. So they become one of the strongest tools for building and reinforcing a brand image and maintaining its value. Also a logo plays a key role in building loyalty and trust in a brand because it provokes an immediate reaction

A business must have its corporate identity; a company’s identity is carried out by its Logo. It holds the integrity of your business.A professional Logo represents a company, gives a brand recognition and unique identity to a company in market. Hence it is important to have Logo for your company first.

why Logo is important

A logo is a graphical element in the form of ideogram, symbol, emblem, and icon, sign that is collectively form a trademark or commercial brand. Logo must be single, simple visual image so that customer can relate it with your company. Complicated logos are difficult to differentiate visually from distance or when printed in a small size. One very important thing is that not all businesses can be easily associated with any kind of particular image. A good logo is distinctive and unique; Logo builds trust and conveys feeling of reliance of an organization or company in an organization. A company’s logo should be the symbol for everything that an organization or a company represents. When a customer sees the logo, they should be able to quickly connect with the services company provides.

Logos are very important in establishing relationships with new customers and establishing name in market. Investing in a logo design for small business can pay you off in future for your business.Logo can be termed as the promise, the reputation, expectations, and emotions that reside in each customer’s mind about the product and/or company. A logo is an integral part of the brand and forms the brands main graphic link.

A logo must be:

  • Must be Appropriate
  • Must not include the tagline
  • Must not include the company name in logo
  • Memorable & Simple

Zest Studio has the credibility of developing professional Logo which represents your company in effective way. Zest studio has experts in developing the Logo for different sectors of industries. We include idea and design that symbolizes and oriented to clients goal.

Our Services Include:
  • We do PDF Logo design
  • JPEG AND PNG logo design
  • Copyrights for your company logo