Is yet another fastest growing e-commerce platform March 31, 2008. It was created by Varien. It is based on Zend, PHP and MYSQL. Magento website is compatible, has greater extensibility and has wide range of control options which its users appreciate.It’s open source CMS platform offers increased control in terms of merchandising to promotion and much more, an increased return on investment which leads to increased growth.

Magento is a feature rich ecommerce application that is available in three different versions suitable for merchants of all sizes.

  • Community
  • ¬†Professional
  • Enterprise.

Why Magento for your website?

Magento website is very powerful; you can easily create your products catalog and manage it. It has some great options when it comes to customer service, you grant your customers the option to create user accounts, track their shopping history and contact you through custom forms. You can also choose different languages and currencies, to fit the needs of your customers. There are over 1,700 extensions for additional functionalities you can install via the Magento-Connect interface. According to a survey many online store owner implement magento applications, as it is enduring and robust platform.With Magento websites one could make use of numerous promotional tools for their business, through flexible coupons with the ability to restrict the same to customer groups, stores, time periods, categories and products.It is an ultimate e-commerce solution for incredible growth. It offers rich merchandise suite

Features of Magento:


  • Magento-applications and websites are iPhone optimized
  • Content staging and merging
  • History details of Customer accounts and order.
  • Automated Email marketing reminders
  • Product comparison and product review
  • One important feature of Magento is multiple website can be controlled by one admin Panel.
  • Support for Multiple Payment option and Strong data encryption.
  • If used for online stores Magento has the feature to display Related Products and Discount
  • Magento website has the functionality of Searching product with different criteria
  • Catalog browsing and catalog management is extremely easy
  • Built in SEO functionality, Tag, Title, Description, Clean Urls, SEO friendly HTML Code, Site navigation
  • Magento appliations can support Multiple Currency which is ideal for online business and stores