web application development


Web Application it is the combination of web and browser technologies to complete a task on internet which make use of browser supported programming language like html, xhtml,dhtml.A web application can be defined as an application utilizing web and browser technologies to accomplish one or more tasks over a network, via browser. It is a collection of logically related interactive functions that fulfill a specific business requirement as defined by a knowledgeable user of the Internet. In the case of a web application, the ‘business user’ of the application is the Web Provider, and it is this view that determines what “user requested functionality.” is the end-user of the web site does not directly influence either the business functionality provided, or the design requirements.

Technologies used are html, xhtml, dhtml, java, java script, flash and silver-light

Web Application can prove as a powerful tool to serve your business in Internet market.

One Web Site can provide access to multiple Web Applications. It is important to establish applications boundaries clearly at the outset of counting.It provides an alternative to a manual process of collecting information. Instead of getting letters, faxes, phone calls and emails, your clients or users can connect to a web application using their web browser and enter the information directly. Allowing customers to enter information directly reduces the amount of time your employees spend gathering data from customers.

The architecture of Web applications comprises multiple components. The purpose for counting, determines which components are to be included within the scope of a particular count. For most organizations, only functionality actually built by their developers is included. Some of the examples are:

  • Business Application
  • Security Application e.g. Access control structures, firewalls
  • Browsers e.g. Netscape, Explorer

There are 4 types of web Application

  1. File System Web Application
  2. Local IIS Web Application
  3. Remote IIS Web Application
  4. FTP

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